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Commission selects 7th District Constable
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

With Charlie McKenzie declining the offer of 7th District Constable to take his seat as 1st District City Councilman for the City of Cleveland, a vacancy was left for the Bradley County Commission to fill.

After the commission received two nominations, Ed Lewis and William Harris, Vice Chairman Mark Hall made a motion to accept Ed Lewis as the new 7th District Constable. The vote passed unanimously among the commissioners.

County Attorney Joe Byrd wanted to remind the commission that this term for Ed Lewis would only stand until the next general election. All were in accordance and Lewis stood to make his thanks known to the commission for his new position.

Mack McCarley, Chattanooga Region President of the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers was present before the commission to award County Engineer Sandra Knight with a special plaque. Knight was selected for the award out of 5,000 engineers across the State of Tennessee, receiving the "2010 Tennessee Engineer Award."

The next Bradley County Commission meeting will be held on Monday, October 11th at Noon in the Courthouse.