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Should Elected Officials Be Able to Serve on the Audit Committee?
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
During last night's Bradley County Commission meeting, Commissioner J. Adam Lowe questioned whether elected officials should be allowed to serve on the Audit Committee. This came from concerns that elected officials could hold a conflict of interest due to their direct work with county budgets.

Since the passing of Bradley County School Board member Terry McGuire, it has come back to the 4th district commissioners, Lowe and Howard Thompson to recommend an individual to fill the position.

Thompson stated that if it presented a conflict of interest for elected officials to serve on the audit committee then he wanted to be sure to follow rules and not recommend someone that this could affect.

Mayor D. Gary Davis stated that the new Tasso Road out by the new airport has been opened and after being placed on mext week's agenda, the commission will vote to close the old Tasso Road.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again on October 4th at 7 p.m. in the Bradley County Courthouse.