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Commission Discusses Bedbugs and Security
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Commissioner Lisa Stanbery made notice of "growing problem" here in Bradley County; bedbugs. Stanbery was contacted by a local agency who have had multiple families turn to them for help due to bedbug infestations. Stanbery proposed there be a tracking system set in place for rental properties so that potential tenants could verify that their property was clean of an infestation.

This proposal met a lot of criticism as Commissioner Jim Smith stated that this could hurt everyone who owns rental property in the area. There would be extended costs, extended hours and much more work would need to be put into the upkeep of rental properties. Smith also asked that if it's the tenants bringing in the little creatures, why should landlords be the one's footing the bill? Commissioner Howard Thompson agreed.

Thompson had concerns of different type in terms of courthouse security. Thompson stated that there was report received from the U.S. Marshall Service and that in order to be up to date on all issues that the upstairs east door to the courthouse should be made an "Exit Only" door and a secure door leading into the courthouse from the garage. Thompson requested that Mayor D. Gary Davis look into possibly getting this taken care of as soon as possible, with pricing estimates.

Thompson also requested that a resolution to adopt the Sheriff's Civil Service Law of 1974 be considered as a future agenda item. Thompson stated that this was a concern brought up to him regarding changing of Sheriff's in the County and problems with employees having their pay cut. A previous resolution had been passed to secure employees jobs, but Thompson stated nothing was done about securing their pay, so when the position of Sheriff changes hands, employees can't wrongfully have their pay cut. Again, he went on to say that several county employees have "politically, been done wrong and it isn't right." Thompson wants to see this go before the Law Enforcement Committee before being considered as an agenda item.

Agenda items on next week's agenda include Finance Committee Budget Amendments, a Resolution to Instruct Engineering Department to Consult on Site Review, Resolution and Adoption of International Building Codes by Reference, Resolution for Fines and Court Fees and Costs, and Resolution to Support the Submission of a Tiger II and Community Challenge Planning Grant Application.

The swearing-in of all recently elected Bradley County officials will be held Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 9 a.m. at the Courthouse Plaza.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again Monday, August 16th at 10 a.m. in the Courthouse.