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Personal Electronic Devices Now Allowed In School
by Ashley Murphy

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Bradley County Board of Education met in their regular monthly meeting last night. Several good news reports across the county made Director of Schools Johnny McDaniel's list. Many teachers and students throughout the school districts were honored or recognized for their accomplishments.

Angie Lyon, Derek Martin and Cason Conn were present to give updates on Park View and the Bradley Central Fine Arts Center. As of now, all construction projects are on track. Park View still has an expected opening date of mid to late September 2010.

Executive Approval was given to set up a portable at GOAL Academy. ISI Construction was the low bidder with $19,509. Work for this project will include walks, decks, stairs, ramps and a utility connection for the portable, which was moved from Valley View.

Christy Critchfield gave the Board a policy review regarding personal communication and electronic devices. Bradley County Schools now considers the use of such devices as integral to the successful application of technology in the 21st century classroom. Cell phones, IPods, MP3 players and computers can now be used while on school property, but must be used responsibly.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the Bradley County Board of Education will hold their next meeting on Thursday, August 19th at 5:30 p.m. in the Administrative Building on the Bradley Central High School campus.