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Commission Sets Agenda for Post Holiday Meeting
by Ashley Murphy

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bradley County Commission held a relatively quick meeting Monday night. But in those few minutes, set a rather lenghty agenda for Tuesday, July 6th.

Next week's agenda includes:

Resolution Making Appropriations for FY 2010-2011

Resolution Fixing the Tax Levy

Resolution Fixing the Levy of the Fire District

Resolution Making Appropriations to Charitable Organizations

Amendment to Resolution on Beer Board Procedures

Re-zoning Request Pleasant Grove Church Rd. from FAR to C-3

Resolution to Establish Payment of Officers of Elections, Judges, Machines

Operators and Inspectors for Services- B. Smith

Rezoning Request on Dalton Pike @ Falcon Ln. from R-1 to C-2

Rezoning Request on Blue Springs Lane from FAR to C-1

Government offices will be close on Monday, July 5th due to the Indepence Day holiday. The Bradley County Commission will meet on July 6th at 7 p.m. in the Bradley County Courthouse.