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Erin Fuller Announces Candidacy for Bradley County Mayor

Erin Fuller, resident of the Tasso Community in Bradley County, has annouced her run as an Independent candidate for Bradley County Mayor. Her announcement is below. Also, if you wish to read more on Erin Fuller's thoughts and ideas, see her article in the July edition of The People News online or in print.

I, Erin Fuller, have decided to run as your Independent candidate for Bradley County Mayor.  My vision for our community differs from the current administrations, which is why I decided to run as your elected voice in this community.

Our freedoms are being brokered away every day in the back halls of our public buildings, privately owned corporate meeting rooms and community minded organizations. We are not dependent on the government- the government is dependent on us. Do not consent to giving up your freedom to government control. Let's take the power of "our voice" and of "our vote" to change the attitude of government at the local, state and national levels.

As your county mayor, your "voice" will be first and foremost in my mind. I realize that the decisions I would make will affect your everyday life, your property values, your tax base, your small business, your lifestyle, your environment and the safety of your family. I pledge to look at opportunities from all angles, from the individual with the most to lose, to the ones with the most to gain, be it financially or influentially. I will adhere to my ethical belief system and the current laws to assist me in making decisions.

Let me build your trust in our local government by earning it, I need your vote. I need you, not just on August 5th, but every day.