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Commission Hears Budget Appeals
by Ashley Murphy

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bradley County Commission met Monday for their voting meeting. John Ross Cabin issues opened up discussions. Currently, the cabin is in the process of receiving a new roof. It is also being hoped that a driveway can be installed leading to the cabin. Funds for projects on the cabin will be helped along a bit by the commission, as they gave $5,000 to be placed towards the cabin's preservation.

Southeast Tennessee Preservation Society and the TN Trail of Tears Association will be coming out to evaluate the site and see of its significance in history. If the organizations approve its historical standing, markers and other signs will placed around the site.

Commissioner Mel Griffith nominated Commissioner Lisa Stanbery as the commission's representation on the John Ross Cabin Committee due to her knowledge of the cabin and her extensive input in the restoration. Stanbery's service would expire at the end of her term, which is September of this year.

Don Graves with the Behavioral Institute came before the commission to voice his budget appeal. Graves' budget was cut this year by the commission and he asked that the money be reinstated as it helps keep Tennessee's child abuse and neglect cases some of the lowest in the Southeast region.

John Moore with the Bradley County Soil Conservation Service stated that a part of their budget had been cut 20%, from $10,000 to $8,000. Moore stated that this organization helps keep Bradley County clean and maintains many creeks and streams in the area. He also went on to say that BCSCS brings a lot of money into the county and cutting the budget hurts efforts.

Both appeals were turned down, which led Commissioner Michael Plumley to motion for Moore's appeal to be sent back to the Finance Committee to review the Agriculture budget and place the $2,000 back into the Soil Conservation's line. The motion failed.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again on June 28th at 7 p.m. in the Commission Room of the Bradley County Courthouse. Also, due to the July 4th holiday, the meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. on July 5th has been changed to Tuesday, July 6th.