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Agreement Finally Made Over Right of Way
by Mary Hunter

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 

A City Council meeting was held Monday, May 24th, 2010. The following are the events that took place: 

Mayor Tom Rowland is receiving therapy for an injured knee due to a wreck this month. He is said to be receiving therapy for 6 weeks, however, he is in high spirits and looking forward to returning.

Devon Nicole Vaughn, Cleveland's 2011 Junior Miss was recognized at the meeting. Her parents are Joe and Cheri Vaughn. Her college preference is Samford University and she wants to become a Nurse Practitioner. Vaughn holds a 4.0 grade point average and attends First Baptist Church. Vaughn was given the Seal of the City and a Certificate of Commendation.

A presentation was given to replace the handicap park in front of Stuart School. The handicap accessible park was built 25 years ago, due to its age there are numerous problems with the existing park. The new park would have various upgrades, such as a 5 foot wide sidewalk circling the park, awnings and replacement of the existing equipment to target ages 2-5. Wide ramps and transfer points at the top of slides so a child in a wheel chair could easily access the slide are some more improvements to be implemented.

The Civitan Club is raising funds for the new park and the city is being asked to partner for the cost. The estimated cost for the new park is $223,600. The existing park, built 25 years ago, was built for approximately $23,000.

A new 2011 budget for the City of Cleveland was presented to the council; no property taxes were increased in the new budget plan.

An Ordinance was voted on to repair streets due to cuts from Cleveland Utilities. Councilman George Poe feels that the repairs should be made within a year from the initial cut, however, the council unanimously voted on a 3 year time frame.

Pete Patel has an offer of $5,000 to be paid from the city for the corner of his Dalton Pike and 20th St. property. The property has been debated on for several weeks for the implementation of a right of way; Patel initially asked for $15,000. The council had previously offered $1,500 to Pete Patel of Kishan Properties before raising the amount to $4,000 after several failed negotiations and counteroffers. The property has only been appraised for $678.30. The council unanimously voted on the decision to pay Patel $5,000 for the corner of property, however, eminent domain was considered as an option.

The next scheduled meeting for the City Council will be held June 28, 2010 with a work session at 2:00 and the voting session to be held at 4:00 in the Council Room of the Cleveland Municipal Building.