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Airport Construction 5 Weeks In
by Ashley Murphy

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Cleveland Municipal Airport Authority held their regular monthly meeting today in the Council Room of the Cleveland Municipal Building.

Mark Paslick from PDC Consultants was present with several pictures from the construction site. After five weeks of Phase I Construction, development has began to show. Excavation is continuing with land clearing and several ponds have already been dug for water containment.  Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has been out to review the site after a four inch rainfall came through the area over a day and a half period. Paslick stated that TDEC has negative comments to report about the airport site.

Old Tasso Road is also in the process being reworked and laid out. The new road will be located farther north to accommodate space needed for the new airport.

Paslick continued by saying Phase II Construction should begin by Spring 2011. Reasoning for the delay is all due to money, however, if negotiations proceed and all works out well, Phase II could begin as early of Fall 2010. This part of the construction would include the layout of the runway and taxiways.

Before adjournment, it was mentioned there could possibly be a public information session held around the first week of June for anyone in the public who wished to attend to get information about the new airport now that it is being built. No dates have been given, so watch for local media announcements.

The next meeting of the Cleveland Municipal Airport Authority will be held on June 25, 2010 at 9 a.m. in the Council Room of the Cleveland Municipal Building. Plans are to have the regular session, followed by a work session to possibly discuss hangars at the new site. Plans could change; find out more by calling the City at 423-472-4551.