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Board Discusses RT3 Funds
by Ashley Murphy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Cleveland City Board of Education held a special called meeting this morning at 8 a.m. to discuss Race to the Top funds for the City School System. Several teachers and administrators were brought together for input on what they believed to be the most important issues; the Race to the Top funds would then be allocated and spent accordingly. A list of seven activities was compiled and the school board voted unanimously to approve the program.

Activity I will provide gap elimination practice and alternative graduation path for intensive at-risk secondary students. Activity II will revise pacing guides an formative assessments to reflect new standards. Activity III will implement a paperless, transition classroom to address the needs of middle school students "on the bubble" of non-proficient and proficient. Activity IV will structure interventions for all students at risk. Activity V will partner will Juvenile Court Behavior Unit for elementary students in need of behavior intervention. Activity VI will provide capacity training for elementary instructional facilitators. Activity VII will provide PD (professional development) to all teachers in the area of technology, classroom management and assessments.

The total amount of Race to the Top (RT3) funds awarded to Cleveland City Schools was $1,392,815. This money will be awarded over a period of four years.

A brief discussion was also held about dress code for the coming 2010-2011 school year. Administrators from Cleveland High School and Cleveland Middle School heard from parents and students regarding their thoughts on the current dress code. After careful consideration, those administrators recommend to keep the dress code as is without any changes.

Main concerns brought up during this meeting involved "skinny" jeans and socks with alternate color, striping or prints.

Clarification from Cleveland Middle and High Schools printed dress code about the above concerns include the following:

All apparel must be solid in color. No exceptions. (This includes socks, collars, sleeves, etc.)

Any logos must not be larger than two inches, unless such logos or emblems are Cleveland Middle or Cleveland High School issued.

No jean material permitted at all and all military style or print clothing or accessories is strictly prohibited. Only solid bottoms of cotton or cotton/polyester twill in dress or business casual style are permitted. Pants should have no metal studs, buttons or zippers exposed. Also, no frayed hems, holes, rips or tears are allowed.

Skinny jeans or excessively tight stretch pants are also prohibited; in addition to sweat pants, velour pants, jogging pants, nylon, spandex, leather, suede, overalls, or parachute cloth.

For any further information regarding Cleveland Middle or Cleveland High School Dress Code, please visit the Cleveland City Schools website at, click on the link to the site map and look for dress code, or call the Administrative Office at 423-472-9571.