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City Schools to Receive Over $800,000 in New Lighting
by Mary Hunter

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
The Cleveland City Board of Education held a meeting on May 3, 2010. The following are the events that took place:

In the first Spotlight, recognition went to the Cleveland Middle School Dance Team, the Raiderettes. The dance team has won various awards such as first place in Junior Jazz, first place in Junior Pom and first place in Junior Hip-Hop at a competition that took place in Disney World. The dance team has competed with and beat schools as far away as the countries of Venezuela and Ireland. Kelly Owens is the instructor of this talented CMS Dance Team.

In the second Spotlight, a report from Julie Philips on Cleveland High School's trip to the Model U.N. Trip. The trip was taken to Washington D.C., and 16 students participated. The students participated in mock U.N. scenarios and also got the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Museum in D.C. The group was even able to meet an actual Holocaust survivor. Each student raved about the trip, and their opportunity to participate. They look forward to participate again next year.

In the third Spotlight, Melissa Hoffer presented information about the new Sensorium at Cleveland High School. The Sensorium provides a controlled learning environment for Special Needs Students It is a room located at CHS, which offers beneficial equipment to stimulate the senses of special needs students. It is now available to children with special needs in the Cleveland City School District, but Hoffer hopes to expand it's availability to other surrounding school districts.

Renny Whittenbarger is being recognized as the Educator of Distinction in City Scope Magazine. Four other teachers were also nominated from surrounding schools. Congratulations go to Mr. Whittenbarger for his accomplishments.

Cleveland Middle School will be receiving 150 new chairs to start the 2010-2011 school year. The chairs will be purchased of better quality than the previous chairs.

The Cleveland City School System, as a whole, will be  receiving new lighting in each individual school, excluding the new Mayfield Elementary. The Board voted unanimously on the start of the new lighting project and an estimated cost for the project is $848,581. While a large amount, the board believes that this amount will be returned in savings from energy conserved, due to the new lighting and accompanying technology. The program will be done by Excel Energy Group, Inc.

Ben Murphy has been selected to represent Cleveland High School in the South Eastern Meeting (Director of Schools Dr. Rick Denning was contacted for an explanation of the South Eastern Meeting, but no information was received before posting this article). Murphy will attend the South Eastern meeting on September 7, 2010. This makes Murphy eligible for a $2,000 scholarship.

The next Cleveland City School Board meeting will be held on May 7th, 2010 at 5:30 in the education building on the E.L. Ross campus.