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Council in a Bind Over Police ATVs
by Mary Hunter

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A City Council Meeting was held on Monday, April 26, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. These are the events that took place:

A memorial for Harlin Painter started off the meeting; Mr. Painter passed away on Friday, April 16, 2010 at his home. Painter was appointed the City Attorney from 1960 to 2007. During his 47 years of  service to the city Mr. Painter held many leadership positions. He was an active member of the Lions Club and elected President three times. He also served as President of the Bradley Co. Bar association and was an avid member of Broad Street United Methodist Church for 48 years. Harlin Painter has been said to be a hard working dedicated man, who had the courage to stand for what was right.

A portrait of Painter was unveiled, by his family, at the meeting and it will be hung in the City Council room at the Municipal Building. The painting was dedicated by Councilman Richard Banks. Harlin Painter is survived by his wife of 50 years, Lynette Painter; also by three children, three grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

Christy Girth approached the council on the issue of the bids that had taken place on the Kawasaki ATV's for the City Police Department recently. The bid was won by Dal Kawa Cycle Center, Inc. in Hendersonville, North Carolina for $6,548.24. The other two bidders were Griffith's Kawasaki of Cleveland, TN for 6,888.00 and R&S Tractor Co. of Cleveland TN, for $6,600.00. Griffith stated that her company was mislead into thinking that the purchase would be made from Griffith's Kawasaki. Griffith stated that the ATV's that would have been purchased would have come with accessories and painting that had been figured in to the price. The Dal Kawa Cycle Center of North Carolina did not provide this service. Griffith stated that Griffith Kawaski lost over $500 and were lead to believe over a period of time that the ATV's would, in fact, be bought from Griffith Kawaski. The ATV's will have to be serviced to maintain the warranty agreement and Griffith stated, "I will not service these vehicles, I talked with R&S tractor and they will not service them either. You can drive 230 mile to Hendersonville, North Carolina and get them serviced." Even after being reminded that a possible law suit could be filed for lost profit from Dal Kawa Cycle Center, the council has decided to retract the decision to accept the Del Kawa Cycle Center of North Carolina with a unanimous vote.

Bids went out for the re-roofing of the Municipal Building and the Municipal Building Annex. Cleveland Roofing won the bid for $40,700.00 for the Municipal building (City Hall) and $21,216.00 for the Municipal Building Annex. The other bids were placed to LaFerney Inc. of Kingsport Tennessee to which responded with $127,042.37 for the Municipal Building (City Hall) and $45,259.91 for the Annex. Parris Roofing of Cleveland, Tennessee responding with $46,247.00 and $22,360.00. 

Joseph William Schnebel and Jansen David Vassey were sworn in as the newest Cleveland City Police officers at the recent council meeting. They were then directed by Mayor Tom Rowland to treat the Citizens of Cleveland with respect.

A meeting was set up with the members of Kishan Properties and only one member attended, Mr. Pete Patel. Mr. Patel owns a business on the corner of Dalton Pike and 20th Street. The City of Cleveland is requesting to buy a corner of Patel's property to instate a permanent, much needed right of way The City suggested that they pay Patel $3,000 and a plaque to commemorate him. Patel is requesting that the City of Cleveland pay him $10,000 for the small section of property. The property has been appraised for $678.30.

The next City Council meeting to be held will be May 10th with a work session at 2:00 and the voting session to be held at 4:00.