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Chris Weir Focused on Jobs and the Economy

Chris Weir, a candidate for Bradley County Mayor, announced his jobs package, "BACK TO WORK - Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Bradley County" to an enthusiastic group of citizens and small business owners on Monday.

"I believe the most important economy is the economy of each individual household," Weir told the group.  "I have been where many Bradley County residents are today.  As a former small business owner, I have been where many small business owners are today; and I will take those experiences and put them to work for our community."

Chris Weir sees the economy and jobs as an important issue to the people of Bradley County. According to Weir, "we are faced with nearly 10% unemployment and thousands of citizens out of work; businesses that have been cornerstones to our community for decades are being forced to close their doors."  He adds, "We must focus not only on recruiting new business to our community, but work on retaining those that are already here. We must balance our recruiting and retention efforts for our strong manufacturing industry, as well as a renewed focus on our agriculture and farming sector. And all of this must be protected by a strong tax system, and with over $120 Million in debt and an operating deficit of over $12 Million, that one of my opponents presented and the other voted for, our local tax rates are being threatened."

"The difference between me and my opponents is our focus.  With over 30 years of combined time in office, you would think my opponents would have been able to position our county a little better.  I hear the bragging from our current Mayor and the current Commissioner on all the things they are proud of doing since being in office.  However, I also hear the people of Bradley County, and they are telling a completely different story.  It's time we do better.  We deserve better." adds Weir.

More information about Chris Weir and his campaign can be found on his website, This site includes biographical information about Chris and a calendar of upcoming events, as well as his position on many of the important issues affecting Bradley County.

Submitted by: The Chris Weir Campain for 2010