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County Lifts Purchase Order Freeze
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, January 5, 2009

The commission's first meeting of the new year came with good news from the Mayor's office. Financial Advisor Lynn Burns gave an update on the purchase order freeze that was issued on September 22, 2009. Due to the cooperation of Department Heads and Elected Officials in the General Fund and with the help of the Trustee's Office in monitoring cash flow, the county did not have to borrow money this year.

The county is also aniticipating revenues to continue to come in throughout January and, therefore, the purchase order freeze will not be renewed.

Bradley County Director of Schools Johnny McDaniel gave a short presentation regarding the current Bradley County school projects. Valley View is now completed and the new additions are being occupied. McDaniel brought along pictures of the finished renovations, which included colorful classrooms, large windows and interactive learning boards.

McDaniel also gave an update on the Park View Elementary construction. Weather has put a damper on the intended completion date, due to projects that have been unable to be carried out. It will be at the end of January before the construction company can give a more accurate estimate as to whether the new school will be ready in time for the 2010-2011 school year. Park View will allow relief for Michigan Avenue, Oak Grove and Taylor elementary schools once completed.

Due to the recent holidays, no agenda items were recorded for the session and the budget amendments were the only business that needed to be approved from the consent agenda.