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Bradley County native and eight-year County Commissioner, Lisa Stanbery is an honest, hard working leader with a vision for Bradley County.

"I am not one of those candidates who comes around only when they want to be re-elected," Stanbery said at a GOP meeting in the County Court House last March. "You've seen me at the GOP events, donating my time and money to our party, while effectively representing all citizens of Bradley County."

Stanbery has volunteered in several political campaigns for local and national congressmen and senators, such as Zach Wamp, Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker and 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain, in which she served as chair of Bradley County Women for John McCain. An active Republican, and recently endorsed by the Bradley County Tea Party, she has worked hard for the community regardless of district or party.

Lisa Stanbery is also no rookie when it comes to producing positive results. Current Bradley County Mayor Gary Davis praised Stanbery and her committee for reducing a proposed 23 million dollar renovation project for Bradley County High school to just over 5 million dollars. He said the actions of Lisa's committee kept Bradley County residents from a tax increase that year. 

"As a small business owner, I understand how to meet the bottom line and to stay within budget," Stanbery said.

In January, Stanbery introduced an initiative to support the needs of senior citizens in Bradley County that included the development of a Web page listing all available services in the county for seniors.  Stanbery also organized the Senior Fair, offering a one-stop shop for seniors to speak with organizations and those in charge of city services. 

"The sole purpose of the resolution is to educate our senior population and their families about all the services within our county that are available to them," Stanbery said. "There should never be a day that goes by that we don't express the tremendous gratitude to those that went before us. I want to do everything in my power to see that this segment of the population is not ignored, and it is our responsibility to ensure they receive the very best care so they can enjoy the quality of life they deserve," she said.

As mayor, Stanbery promises to use this experience to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Bradley County. Her ideas on several of the most pressing platforms--education, economic development, health care and small business-- all  express that she sees the needs of the people and is willing to do whatever it takes to "make a brighter future for Bradley County."

"I will work hard, just like I've always done--building bridges with local and regional officials, counting the commission as my team members and including you, the taxpayer, in the conversation, regardless of what part of the county you live in. My door will always be open; my vision will include your input." 

Lisa Stanbery is an honest, effective leader; she's the very best and most qualified candidate. Period.

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Kelly  J. Allen
Assistant Account Executive
Waterhouse Public Relations