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Sheriff's Department Requests New Tracking Software
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Commission Chairman Louie Alford opened the Bradley County Commission meeting Monday night with a presentation to representatives of the Bradley County 911 Center. Last year, the commission passed a resolution commending the 911 Center employees for all of their hard work and dedication to the county and it's residents.

Captain Steve Lawson of the Bradley County Sheriff's Department introduced Kevin White of the Criminal Investigative Division to give a presentation on a new locator program for stolen goods. The program is set up for pawn shops, secondhand dealers, coin dealers and scrap dealers.

Currently all forms for purchased secondhand goods are filled out by hand then faxed to the BCSO or are emailed to the BCSO. From there, an employee with the Sheriff's office enters all forms, by hand, onto paper held in large binders. In addition, when it comes time to review NCIC and run checks on serial numbers, it takes one employee an average of 10 hours a week to go through all of the paperwork. Due to the in-efficiencies and job constraints, the department is currently two months behind in this work.

A proposed system, called "LeadsOnline" could help to reduce some of this in-efficiency and also give a greater search base than what is currently in place. It would also give the BCSO national access to all 50 states and includes records for EBay, salvage yards and video stores. This system would also allow investigators to run searches by a person's name, the item description, serial number and any items that were sold by a person with a Cleveland, TN address.

If approved through the commission, the program would cost the BCSO $5,890 a year, will go into the next budget cycle and would be free to all participating businesses who upload to LeadsOnline, only Internet access is required. This program was a favored alternative to creating a new full-time position to handle the pawn records, which would have been an additional $27,600 a year.

Commissioner Mark Hall announced that a golf tournament, hosted by the Southeastern Veteran's Home Board, was held over the weekend and helped to raise $4,326.

Commissioner Ed Elkins stated there would be a Finance Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 21st at noon in the Mayor's Conference Room.

Commissioner Howard Thompson announced that a grand opening will be held at the White Water Center in Ocoee on April 16th to celebrate the cleaning of the rock slide.

Barbara Gilbert, a Tasso area resident, came before the commission to discuss the sewage in a creek that through the Royal Oaks Subdivision. Gilbert stated that the pumping station located inside a trailer park on Michigan Avenue has been operating without a required permit since it's existence. She continued to say that if the permit was enforced and the money collected, it would total about $20 million.

Gilbert also stated that there were extremely high levels of E. Coli in the creek during a former test and that she had talked with a professor at the University of Tennessee who would gladly do any further testing free of charge.

Commissioner Jim Smith has been in contact with several people to run tests on the creek. Those same people are going to be present at next week's meeting to give information about their findings.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again at 10 a.m. on April 19th in the Commission Room of the Bradley County Courthouse.