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Coalitions For Better Services

Cleveland/Bradley County is a great place to live. I found this area by divine intervention as I was traveling through Tennessee just before my retirement from the State of Florida.

I have recently, become more aware of the political arena in Cleveland/Bradley County. Although, I joined the Women Republican's Club at Mountain View a couple years ago, I have not been involved as I was back in Florida.  Reading the local papers has given me some insight about some of the local issues and politicians.  I do not know any of them but one them has caught my attention; Commissioner Lisa Stanbery. She is trying to establish a Senior Citizen's Coalition.  Her resolution failed to pass by a vote of 7 to 7.

I was very disappointed that some of her fellow Commissioners failed to recognize the need for such an important entity. There is a nationwide effort to have Coalitions, or TRIADS is what we call them in Florida and other parts of the country, to have the collaboration of cities and counties working together with senior citizen's groups AARP and local seniors to improve the quality of life for seniors in local communities.  The initial reaction is the fear of duplicating services or it becomes a turf issue.  The Coalition or TRIAD will bring better services to seniors by providing training from First Responders Emergency Personnel to the Judicial System. All of those agencies that are already working with seniors would communicate with each other and coordinate their efforts for the well being of senior citizens. I established the Collier County TRIAD-SALT Council in Naples Florida and was the Coordinator until my retirement in 2003.

I met Commissioner Stanbery and I am very impressed with her knowledge about this and other senior issues.  She comes in contact with senior citizens on a daily basis, and is able to help them based on her own experience in dealing with her grandparents special needs. She has a vision and passion to lead this County with integrity. As a senior SHE HAS MY VOTE.

Lt. Rosa White, Retired
Charleston, TN


Lisa Stanbery for Better Bradley County Government

As a Bradley County Commissioner, Lisa Stanbery has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Bradley County for the past eight years.

I have been privileged to observe Lisa as she carries out her duties for the citizens of Bradley County. She is always fully informed of the issues that are brought before the Bradley County Commission and works tirelessly to faithfully serve our citizens.

Lisa Stanbery has saved millions of our tax payer's hard earner dollars by seeking new and innovative ways to reduce spending while maintaining the current level of services for the citizens of Bradley County.

Lisa is a long time supporter of programs for seniors and veterans groups in Bradley County. She is a small business owner and will work to improve the economic outlook for our county, supporting efforts that will bring us more businesses and good jobs. Lisa is a strong advocate to improve educational and technical training opportunities in Bradley County.

Lisa Stanbery will provide Bradley County with the leadership our citizens deserve. A vote for Lisa Stanbery is a vote for responsible County Government and a vote to end the "Good Old Boy" politics in Bradley County.

Jerry Henderson
Cleveland, Tn 37312