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Resolution Regarding Property Tax Payments Proposed

by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Commissioner Lisa Stanbery opened Monday night's County Commission meeting with a proposed resolution to form a Joint City and County Senior Citizens Coalition. This resolution is a follow-up to the recently held Senior Citizen's Fair and will help to keep more information out in the public and easily accessible.

Commissioner Jim Smith updated Tasso resident Barbara Gilbert on the water testing at Wilkinson Creek. Smith stated that a series of 5 tests will need to be administered and once those results are received another update will be given.

Commissioner Howard Thompson placed motion on the next meeting's agenda to accept the QCHC proposal for inmate medical care. Commissioner Ed Elkins stated that this would be on the consent agenda already, due to the Finance Committee recommending the commission to accept a contract from QCHC pending County Attorney Joe Byrd's approval.

County Trustee Mike Smith brought good news to the podium when he addressed the commission regarding property tax payments. Residents will now be able to pay their property taxes over a course of 12 months. There is currently a similar plan in place that allows payments from October to February, a total of 4 payments. This new plan would allow monthly payments all year from October to September. The resolution will be voted on at the next meeting of the commission.

Area resident Brian McAmis asked the commission for help regarding an incident that happened 3 years ago when his son was playing football through the Bradley County Parks and Recreation Department in 2006.

McAmis' son was injured during a game and was taken to the emergency room of the local hospital. McAmis then contacted Director of Bradley County Parks and Recreation Paul Wyrick and relayed the incident to him. Wyrick stated that he would file paperwork for supplemental insurance that covers Parks and Recreation to allow the supplemental insurance to pay what McAmis' personal insurance would not.

McAmis was sued in 2007 by the hospital for unpaid charges that his personal insurance did not cover. McAmis had to take matters into his own hands after Wyricks failure to file paperwork, but needed paperwork was still filed late, resulting in non-payment by the supplemental insurance provided by Bradley County to cover the unpaid hospital charges.

McAmis requested the County Commission consider his appeal of $980 and provide the necessary assistance to remove all negative information on his credit report that was a result of this incident. Further information will be given as it becomes available.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again on Monday, April 5, 2010 at 7 p.m. in the Commission Room of the Bradley County Courthouse.