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More Residents Speak About Bow Street
by Ashley Murphy

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Cleveland City Council heard from several residents on Bow Street yesterday regarding the speeding problem happening along the stretch of road between Jill Street and Blythe Ferry.

Todd True, who previously owned the home that Kim Pesterfield and her family now reside in, came on behalf of the residents and expressed his concern for the safety in the area. True stated that speeding was a problem along that road even when he lived there.

John Burns, who lives up above the area in question, yet still on Bow Street, had concerns about the changing of the speed limit. Law enforcement has been out the past couple of weeks ticketing motorists for the 25 MPH speed limit, yet no notification was given, to anyone, that the speed limit had been lowered from 30 MPH.  Burns called the City and once their mistake was made known, the 25 MPH signs were taken down and the original speed limit of 30 MPH is still in effect.

Burns also stated that the Pesterfield family consulted with True on the speeding issue before purchasing the home they currently reside in. True confirmed this fact. So Burns' question was; Why did they move into the home knowing about the speed situation and dangers before making the final purchase?

Kim Pesterfield stated that she thought it was a safe neighborhood and a good place to raise a family. Also, her area of concern was just the section of Bow Street from Jill Street to Blythe Ferry, that's it. She continued by saying this isn't just about her family pet that was struck and killed by a speeding car a couple of weeks ago, but this was about the safety of children.

Other residents spoke about their concerns, as well, before the council heard from City Traffic Engineer Megan Wilson. Wilson stated that if speed bumps were to be placed on Bow Street, traffic would navigate to other roads in the area and then the council would be back in the same position they are in now, except with different residents from a different street. Also, Wilson advised that residents be consulted before placing rumble strips, because of the nuisance that the sound of a car driving over them could incur.

The width of Bow Street is only 18 feet, which Wilson stated was not up to code, but that the City would have to be careful in how much they widen it. Widening this street could actually cause more speeding.

Over the course of the traffic study, Wilson stated she hadn't caught anyone exceeding 46 MPH, compared to the 60 and 70 MPH that Pesterfield claimed to have seen.

At this time, Wilson's recommendation was to up law enforcement in the area to try to reduce speed.

The City Council's next meetings will be held on Monday, March 22, 2010 at 2 p.m. and the regular session at 4 p.m. in the Cleveland Municipal Building.