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Good News From the County Trustee's Office
by Ashley Murphy

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bradley County Trustee Mike Smith opened today's meeting with a bit of good news. The Tennessee State Comptrollers Office has allowed Bradley County to extend maturity on the Hospital Funds up to 10 years. This allotted time is the max that the funds can be extended to.

By increasing the investment period to 10 years, this should amount to about $3.2 million dollars in additional interest revenue generated by the Hospital Funds.

The interest rates are fixed on the Hospital Funds. Smith stated that once an interest rate is reached that the Trustee's Office and the Commission can agree on, the funds will be locked in. Once locked in, the rate will not go up or down.

In addition, all Bradley County investment funds have received approval to extend the maturity dates from 2 years to 5 years. This means that, potentially, an additional $500,000 per year will be coming back into the General Fund for the commission to use toward their budget.

Commissioner Jeff Yarber wished to thank Smith and the Trustee's Office for exceptional work. Yarber stated that during recent door-to-door visits, he has received great feedback from residents regarding the Trustee's Office and every employee's ability to efficiently provide information and answer questions.

Agenda items for next week will include a resolution recommendation by Mayor D. Gary Davis and a recommendation from Commissioner Howard Thompson and the Law Enforcement Committee.

Davis' recommendation was for a resolution regarding Bradley County's Top 3 Priority List that is sent to the State every year. This year's list includes improvements at Exit 20 and I-75, the APD-40 Interchange System and APD-40/Frontage Road Access. Commissioner Ben Atchley placed the resolution on the agenda.

Thompson called a Law Enforcement Committee meeting for Tuesday, March 9th at Noon in the Justice Center to discuss QCHC, Quality Correctional Health Care, the company that currently provides inmate medical care. QCHC has provided the Law Enforcement Committee and the commission with proposals. Once the Law Enforcement Committee has met, a recommendation as to the length of the contract will be brought back to the commission for voting next week.

A short discussion also surrounded a residents concerns, which were brought up at last weeks meeting. Water testing is being done in the Tasso area, surrounding a subdivision and a trailer park of off Michigan Avenue. One test has already been taken, another is planned after another rain in the area.

These tests are supposed to look at flooding issues, beavers and sewer problems in the area. After all tests are done the appropriate people will be contacted; County Planner Corey Divel, County Engineer Sandra Knight and the Bradley county Storm Water Office. Once findings are reported, all property owners will be contacted.

The Bradley County Commission will hold their next meeting on Monday, March 15, 2010 at 10 a.m. at the Courthouse.