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Commission Discusses Growth Plan and Financing
by Ashley Murphy

Monday, December 14, 2009

Craig Mullinax, Chair of Growth Coordinating Committee, made a presentation to the County Commission regarding the amendments to the Growth Plan. Charleston and Cleveland have already adopted this plan and now it will be up to the commission to make a final vote.

Area A, where the proposed interchange will be, was cut drastically and came to be a better compromise for residents living in the zone. Area B, where the new airport is being built in Tasso, has been cut as well. This area will now stop at the railroad tracks. Commissioner Mel Griffith placed the Resolution to adopt the 20 Year Growth Plan on Monday's agenda for the commission's voting session.

Carl Shrewsbury, Clerk & Master was also present to give an update regarding $50,000 that was lent by the commission to the Clerk's Office. This money has been paid back to the commission in full and he wished to thank all of the commissioners for their support. Shrewsbury also stated that a Tax Sale was held in November and that over $100,000 in delinquent taxes were collected from that sale.

Also on the agenda for next week will be a Resolution placed by Commissioner Lisa Stanbery to form an investment committee specifically for the hospital funds. This came after Mike Smith, Trustee, recommended a legislative body appointed investment committee and asked the commission to review the idea. There was an overall investment of $16.2 million.