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Residents on Old Chattanooga Pike in Need of Water Line
by Ashley Murphy

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amy Moore, County Commission Legislative Assistant, brought forth requests from residents to use HCI funds for Cleveland Utilities to install a water line to their county homes. The extension will serve houses from 1320 to 1518 Old Chattanooga Pike. Cleveland Utilities will contribute 50% of the costs, residents 25% and HCI 25%.

Phase 1 of the project will cost $14,000, meaning Cleveland Utilities will pay $7,000. Due to a policy change within Cleveland Utilities, the cost to the residents and HCI will be higher. Cleveland Utilities will no longer pay engineering costs, therefore, those costs have been passed on to the other parties. Residents and HCI will be paying $7,610.

Phase 2 of the project is estimated at $18,700, meaning Cleveland Utilities will pay $9,350. After engineering fees are added, residents and HCI will be splitting 50% of the remaining cost, which is $10,113. It was also stated that if the project costs exceed the estimate, the homeowners will be responsible for providing the difference. But, if costs are lower than estimated, monies will be refunded to homeowners as well.

Several budget amendments from the Sheriff's Department, EMA and Engineering Department were also addressed. Two Sheriff's amendments were once again deferred, due to lack of information.

The Finance Committee also approved a budget calendar for 2010. Starting next month, in March, departments will start gathering to get their budgets together and start preparing for 2011.

The Finance Committee will meet again on March 3, 2010 at noon in the Mayor's Conference Room located upstairs in the Courthouse Annex.