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Weather Still Dampens Parkview Completion Outlook

by Ashley Murphy

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Bradley County School Board held their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, February 11th at 5:30 p.m. in the Administrative Building on th eBradley Central High School Campus.

Superintendent Johnny McDaniel had several good news items to report from the different schools across the county. A large number of students from Lake Forest Middle, Michigan Avenue Elementary, North Lee Elementary and Ocoee Middle school who won in the 4-H public speaking contest.

The Bradley Central wrestling team won the State Duals Championship held recently in Franklin, TN. This win makes the 20th state championship for the Bears, and the most championships won by a team in Tennessee.

Several students also received Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Awards. Those recipients were: Bradley Central High School student Josh McDaniel, Lake Forest Middle school student Seth Lee, Ocoee Middle School student Amber Houchin and Walker Valley High School student Yesenia Cruz-Pascual.

Angie Lyon of Kaatz, Binkley, Jones and Morris gave an update on the construction projects at Valley View, Parkview and Bradley Central. Valley View is now completed and everyone is awaiting the removal of an old portable. The Fine Arts facitlity at Bradley is moving along. Lyon stated they recently met with the Fire Marshall and are wrapping up drawings so that those can be passed along to TriCon, Inc.

Parkview is moving forward, weather permitting. Lyon has been working with the principle to pick colors and finishes so that everything will be there and ready when the time comes. Derek Martin of American Constructors added that weather is a serious issue when it comes to the completion date of Park View. Recently, during a 10 day period, masons were only able to work 5 of those due to weather.

Board member Terry McGuire asked for an estimated completion date of the school, based on all of the information that was available at hand. Martin stated that the building could be done by June, but complete sight work would be closer to October of this year.

Rick Smith also requested an executive approval for a Valley View roof project. On a recent visit, Smith noticed that in one section of the building the roof was in terrible condition and multiple buckets had been placed around the rooms to catch water from the roof leaks. Board member Christy Critchfield added that this project was much needed, because this particular building currently housed the Pre-Kindergarten classes and safety was a major concern.

This particular section of the roof is 4,700 square feet. Smith stated that based on the Hopewell roofing project, estimates are at $6 a square foot, totalling a little over $28,000. After the board was assured of the funds for roofing projects, the approval was passed unanimously.