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Local Resident Receives Honor For Saving Four Men
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis opened Monday night's voting session by recognizing Philip Earhart, an officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency. Earhart, along with Officers Matt Majors and Ben Davis, thanked and honored Michael Stewart for saving the lives of four men.

These four men were out hunting from a boat on a cold January morning. Their boat was tipped over when a wave came over the boat, throwing the men into the frigid waters of the Tennessee River. One of the men swam ashore to seek help, finding Stewart who happened to be duck hunting. Stewart went back and pulled the men from the river before calling 911.

Stewart received a standing ovation from the commission and everyone in the audience when he was presented with a certificate from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.

Commissioner Jim Smith made a motion to allow Highways Incorporated to put a trailer on the new Waterville Elementary School property for the next three years. Highways Incorporated has been contracted by the Tennessee Department of Transportation to widen Dalton Pike. The trailer is needed for use by the company and this seemed the most logical location. Highways Incorporated will plan to hook up to sewer, electrical and water at their own expense.  The company will also hold their own insurance for liability purchases.

The commission unanimously approved the motion, contingent upon County Attorney Joe Bryd's approval.