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Resident Accuses County of Lying

by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday night's County Commission was kept rather short, until it came time for communication from the audience.

Erin Fuller from Royal Oaks Subdivision was present to give a presentation on her findings regarding airport airspace zoning and possible compensation, herself and other residents believe they are entitled to. Fuller accused County Attorney Joe Byrd and County Planner Corey Divel of purposely displacing themselves from the meeting in order to avoid her questions.

Divel had told Fuller during a conversation that the laws for the zoning resolution for airspace were actually copied from a Federal Aviation Administration packet. Fuller stated that Divel lied, because wording in the law is actually 'hazard' and she is accusing Divel of changing the word to 'obstruction.'

Fuller soon passed her 5 minute marking allowed for audience communication. While she still had many topics to discuss and demanded more time, the commission specifically stated reasoning to deny Fuller extra time to speak.

Commissioner Jeff Yarber noted, "We are, of the four governing bodies, the only governing body that allows communication from the audience without being placed on the agenda beforehand." Simply, time limits must be enforced to ensure a timely and orderly meeting.

Furthermore, as repeated throughout the entire airport ordeal, Divel has repeatedly asked anyone with questions regarding zoning, airspace zoning or any topics involving the airport to please come by his office and speak to him personally. Divel is located in the basement of the Courthouse Annex off of 1st Street. He can also be reached at 423-728-7141.