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A Message From Chuck:

Earlier this week, Congressional leaders and the President finally reached agreement on raising the debt ceiling and making significant spending cuts. Late yesterday, President Obama signed the Budget Control Act of 2011 into law. I voted against this measure for one basic reason: I have said all along that a debt ceiling raise must be accompanied by a Balanced Budget Amendment and significant budget reforms. While "Cut, Cap and Balance" did these things, the bill voted on by the House did not. I agree with Senator Marco Rubio who said "Compromise that is not a solution is a waste of time." The Budget Control Act of 2011 does not provide real long-term solutions.

I strongly supported Cut, Cap and Balance. Unfortunately Democrats in the Senate refused to even allow it to come to the floor for a debate. And the President threatened to veto it, before it was even voted on. It saddens me that the President and his liberal allies have chosen to place their own political success above the interests of the American people.

I am determined to keep working to resolve our economic problems. The battle over the future of America continues. We must restore fiscal sanity to the federal government. If we don't do so, our children and grandchildren will face a bleak future.

Increasing taxes during a time of recession will kill jobs at an unprecedented pace. We can't afford to do that. Now more than ever you need to stay engaged in the political process. Make your voice heard. Visit my website
and tell me what you think.