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Commission Considers Rezoning Requests
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bradley County Commission held a quick work session last night, in which only rezoning requests were brought forth from the planning commission.

Commissioner Connie Wilson placed a request to rezone plots that used to be a Travel Trailer Park off of Lauderdale Memorial Highway to C-2. The surrounding land is also zoned C-2 for commercial purposes and the planning commission saw no faults with this request. Another plot off of Laguna Drive in Wilson's district was also added to the agenda to be rezoned to C-2.

Rollins Tractor Company off of Rollins Ridge Road saw a downturn in business and will be shutting down, leaving the owner to request that his property be rezoned to FAR. He wishes to keep his land, but having it zoned for a business makes the taxes higher and having it FAR would help him significantly. The planning commission agreed and the County Commission will consider it next week.

The Finance Committee will meet at Noon on May 4th in the Mayor's Conference Room located upstairs in the Courthouse Annex.

Also, and Emergency Services Task Force meeting will be held May 6th at Noon at the Chamber of Commerce.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again on Monday, May 2nd at 7 p.m. at the Bradley County Courthouse for their voting session.