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Bradley County Being Influenced by Socialists?
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
The Bradley County Commission seemed to have a little controversy on their agenda Monday night. A resolution to adopt the BCC 2035 Strategic Plan was placed on the agenda for approval. However, not everyone was in agreement on the matter. The City of Cleveland had already approved the BCC 2035 Plan during an earlier meeting.

Commissioner Bill Winters had placed the item on the agenda and felt that the plan is moving in the right direction and that he would like to see it come to play. Commissioner Adam Lowe, however, had a different idea. Lowe did feel the plan was moving in the right direction, but that he couldn't stand behind it at this time. Lowe had issues with the two governments not currently being able to resolve an ongoing debacle with a 2 percent split of sales tax dollars. His concerns are how the plan will play out between the two governments, because in that document, there are multiple instances where the city and county would have to work together and huge sums of money would be involved. Lowe wished to wait until the sales tax issue was resolved, then bring the BCC 2035 Plan back to the commission.

In a surprise turn, Commissioner Howard Thompson openly voiced his agreement with Lowe. Thompson said in his years as commissioner he has never seen city government work with the county, except when it involves the city receiving county money. Thompson also agreed it was a good plan, but ended by saying, "I believe the city needs to prove to us what they can do for us instead of us always proving what we can do for them."

Two local residents who voiced their opinions saw the Plan in a completely different light, comparing it to the work of socialists and communists saying it reached the level of the United Nations and really had no business being in Bradley County.

Donnie Harwood, the first to speak, brought up the topic of Agenda 21. Harwood said this agenda is a socialist agenda and that the current administration in Washington helps push these types of policies along; even if it's not for the better good of the people.

Ben Ross spoke next and urged the commission to review Agenda 21 and its schemes before making their decision. Ross' biggest fear is that, essentially, all of the public's freedoms will be taken away to accommodate government and big business and told the commission that when this happens "you will be held responsible."

The original vote was up-handed by a substitute motion to table the vote until a later date 10-4.

A resolution establishing a right-of way for the new plant and a resolution honoring the Community Services Agency for 35 years of service were also passed.  In addition, two rezoning requests were also passed, one off of Benton Pike, the other off of South Lee Highway.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again on Monday, April 11th at Noon for a work session.