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Royal Oaks Still Displeased With Commission Action
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

During last night's Bradley County Commission meeting three Cleveland firefighters were recognized for running into a burning home to save and elderly gentleman who became trapped inside. Bradley County EMS workers were also acknowledged for their services once the firefighters returned outside with the man. Those commended for their efforts were Lt. Pete van Dusen, Shaun McAmis and Cody Hicks with the Cleveland Fire Department. Chris Painter, Joel Morrison and Jada Kersey were the honorees from the Bradley County EMS.

Commissioner Mark Hall said Bradley County and Cleveland have the "best emergency services in the State of Tennessee. When these guys show up, everyone else competes for second."

Commissioner Adam Lowe updated the commission on a problem that has once again resurfaced in the Tasso Community. Beavers are back in Royal Oaks and residents are once again complaining, blaming the Bradley County Commission for all of their problems. It was found previously that the beavers were the responsibility of the landowners to "dispose" of. Residents came together and paid the costs to have the beavers removed and relocated, only to have them reappear again. Streams are backing up again due to the beavers building dams and causing a lot of standing water on some of the residents' land. The only solution is to, once again, have the beavers removed. And it was said that if the landowners wish for the beavers to stay gone, then all of their food and survival needs would have to be removed, as well. This would include many of the shrubs, greenery and woodlands.

In the meantime, residents want to know if there is anything the county can do about the standing water creating a mucky marsh on their lands. It came to light that it would be the county's problem if the water started running into the right of way on the main road at the beginning of the subdivision. According to Lowe, he had this checked out and, currently, the water has not made it to the county's right of way and the county cannot take action. He said he plans to keep on the situation.

Lowe also wished to touch on a subject that had arisen at a Cleveland City Council meeting earlier Monday afternoon. Lowe said he was disappointed with the City Council and how they treated fellow members of the Commission, Chairman Louie Alford and Commissioner Jeff Yarber. The two were in attendance at the council meeting to present the county's proposal for the sales tax issue. The county doesn't wish to continue litigation over the money and tried to create a compromise with the city by offering a joint account that the money would go into, then the two government bodies would use that money in accordance with capital projects and an industrial park. By Lowe's account, the city dismissed the idea by interrupting the two county representatives and didn't even place the item on their agenda so the matter could be discussed further, and possibly even considered.

A lengthy discussion ensued regarding possible new building/maintenance codes. A fee is going to be generated and charged to customers to have units inspected and kept up to code. Several commissioners had a problem with this. Saying that, essentially, those who comply with the code are getting cheated and those who don't follow the code are getting away for free.

Hall said he felt like this was a way for certain contractors to eliminate the competition, while others felt this was a double charge for those who do follow government regulations. The item was not placed on the agenda.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again on Monday, April 4th at 7 PM for their voting session in the Bradley County Courthouse.