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Elkins Proposal for Alternate Study Declined
by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

During Monday night's County Commission meeting, Mayor Gary Davis opened by recognizing the Bradley Central High School wrestling team for their win at the State Duels in Franklin, TN over the weekend. The win marked the Bears' 4th straight championship and bringing their total to 22 titles.

Before approving the regular agenda, Commissioner Ed Elkins wished to add a resolution that would form an Ad Hoc Committee to study the plan that Whitfield County, GA has in place for their fire protection services. Elkins hoped that by studying their plan, Bradley County could implement a similar plan if it proves to be effective. Commissioner Jeff Yarber offered a substitute motion requesting that the information gathered go to the Ad Hoc committee already in place for the fire merger. Several commissioners agreed, but Elkins believed this should be a separate issue; something looked at on it's own so that statistics could be accurately gathered and discussed without other topics getting in the way. In the end, Yarber's substitute motion won out.

Also added to the agenda was a resolution encouraging the Tennessee General Assembly to include EMS in the public servant portion of a certain benefits package. EMS currently is not included with police officers and firefighters regarding retirement age and the benefits that would allow. The motion passed unanimously.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again on Monday, February 14th at noon for a work session.