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Fire Topic Discussion Heats Up Again

by Ashley Murphy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis opened the commission meeting with a discussion about the county's oldest cemetery, Fort Hill Cemetery. Several complaints have come in and there's nowhere to turn them to. At one time, there was Fort Hill Cemetery Board, but has slowly dissipated and hasn't met in some time.

Many areas of the cemetery have been neglected and have become overgrown with weeds, including the landscaping around the cemetery's entrance. Several head stones have been knocked over as well. Commissioner Brian Smith said he has also received multiple complaints about the head stones. He went on to say that he realizes weather and deterioration could be the cause for some of the toppled stones, but it seems highly unlikely that several stones in a row could have fallen at the same time due to slight deterioration.

The county attorney drafted a letter and the city and county will be working together to reinstate the board and try to resolve many of the problems as soon as possible.

Once again, discussion got heated when Commissioner Howard Thompson asked a question regarding the fire contract. Thompson overheard the Finance Committee in a meeting before the commission's scheduled meeting discussing funding options for fire protection. He wanted to know why it wasn't brought up in front of the whole commission instead of being talked about in committee.

Finance Committee Chair Connie Wilson stated the committee was simply doing their job per the commission's request. They are to gather several options and bring to the full commission at a later date.

Thompson then made a comment about his issues with the city; mainly trust issues. Commissioner Jeff Yarber then suggested another joint meeting with the city so everyone can put their feelings on the table once and for all. Yarber pointed out at the last joint meeting everyone was cordial and in agreement, but based on Thompson's remark that a "bare-knuckle brawl" seemed to be in order. Adding that when he was little some of his "best friends came out of a street fight."

The fire topic is supposed to be discussed with in-depth detail at the first of the year.

Other topics during this meeting included the possibility of moving state inspections for new construction to the county level. However, the issue of funding is a hindrance at this time. An Ad-Hoc Committee was formed to look into making this a reality.

Commissioner Ed Elkins brought up adding regulations to homeowners regarding their pools. Due to the pools, or other bodies of standing water, being a breeding grounds for mosquitoes, in addition to some homes not having fences around the pools for safety.

After a lengthy discussion, it was determined that the idea of adding regulations needed to be looked into further to avoid possible issues with personal property rights.

The Bradley County Commission will meet again on Monday, November 15th at 10 a.m. in the Courthouse.