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Commissioner Refers Resident's Request to Planning Commission
by Ashley Murphy

Monday, December 7, 2009

A lengthy discussion opened the Bradley County Commission meeting on Monday, December 7. Before the previous meeting's minutes were approved, Commissioner Jeff Yarber presented a motion to reconsider to add the fire truck purchase packet to the official minutes. This packet gave detailed explanations of the purchasing process that the county followed when buying the new fire truck for the Bradley County Fire-Rescue Tasso Station. After  discussion, vote was taken, Commissioners Mel Griffith, Jim Smith and Howard Thompson voted against the motion. The vote failed for lack of having the 8 needed votes to pass. The minutes were, however, approved in their original form, although Commissioners Ed Elkins, Lisa Stanbery and Jeff Yarber voted against the approval.

Commissioner Elkins made a quick statement regarding this issue, saying that anything discussed by this body should be "reflected" in the minutes and should not be voted based on political alliances. He continued saying that even if "we don't all agree," these issues should be placed in the minutes for the public's use and research purposes.

Commissioner Connie Wilson asked for the county to revisit the current retirement plan for county employees. County Finance Director Lynn Burns responded by saying a resolution is already currently in the works and will be discussed at an upcoming finance meeting before being brought back before the commission.

A motion brought before the commission by Tasso Community resident, Genelle Hardin, and placed on the agenda by Commissioner Thompson was called "procedurally inappropriate" by County Attorney Joe Byrd. The motion was to amend the airspace zoning resolution to establish compensation to property owners. Residents who own property in the area where the new airport is being built are asking that they receive 4% (of the property value) compensation for the use of their airpspace. Byrd stated that to change a resolution put in place by the Planning Commission, that this motion would first have to go through the Planning Commission. Commissioner Thompson referred the amendment to the resolution to County Planner Corey Divel and the Planning Commission.

Commissioner Yarber also made several motions to adopt multiple resolutions. The resolutions were as follows: Resolution to Commend the Bradley County Fire and Rescue Department for Exceptional Service to Our Community, Resolution to Commend the Bradley County Emergency Medical Service for Exceptional Service to Our Community, Resolution to Commend the Cleveland/Bradley County 911 Center for Exceptional Service to Our Community, Resolution to Commend the Bradley County Sheriff's Department for Exceptional Service to Our Community, and Resolution to Commend the Employees of Bradley County for Exceptional Service to Our Community. All of the Resolutions passed with unanimous votes.