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by Toneeke Henderson

On our way to Athens Tn. to do some shopping, my husband and I turned onto Hwy 11 and headed north. We had barely went down the road when we saw a cat which had met it's fate on the highway. Saddened at the sight, I looked to the other side of the road and noticed a kitten.

The kitten was trying to get across the road to it's mommy.

I told my husband it was trying to get to her and it was going to get run over. This beautiful little kitten who was trying to reach it's momma. When we realized it was trying to get out in the road to cross where it's mommy was, we turned the car around and went to rescue it. It was missed by several tires that tried to avoid the impending doom.

As I ran across the road to look for it I heard it's terrifying cry that made you feel like your own child was out there. It was sitting at the roads edge petrified and crying for it's mommy.

The kitten scattered and then calmed when it saw it would not be hurt. After about four or five minutes, it cried it's way into my hands, it was so tiny. I cuddled it and talked to it and took it back home with me.

The little angel has eaten as if it had forgotten what food was. It is barely six weeks old and has the extra toes like the Hemmingway cats, that's what they were called as Hemmingway had those type cats. I have always heard they are little angels in disguise.

Toneeke Henderson

Most cats are.

I decided to name the kitten " Baby Highway," very fitting.

He ate and slept and cried, and ate and slept, and cried. The next day he was still afraid or saddened and cried when it could not see me or hear my voice.

Yes, I let it sleep with me so it would have that "mothers love." Baby Highway decided he wanted to play a little. So I made it some toys of crackly paper and belled balls, I tied a Lincoln log to a string of raffia for a chase toy and even found a fake mouse for him to play with.

"Baby," as he became quickly known, had

become accustomed to his new surroundings and had made friends with the grown up cats. He now had a family.

I have a friend who had a love for animals as we do and rescues them as well. I needed to find Baby Highway a solid permanent home. My friends Pam and John were coming to Shop at my house the next weekend. I had told them how special the kitten was. It has a white patch on it's back that looked like the shape of an Angel. That was all Pam needed to hear, and Baby Highway had a new home. A permanent home with lots of love and fellow cats that will all bring joy to one another and everyone else to whom should ever walk upon their paths or doors. Baby Highway has become a new breath in the air of kindness.

I will miss him as I do all the babies that need homes.

In this story of the reality of life, death, hope, love and kindness. I can only hope that people will remember to take responsibility for their animals and get them spayed and neutered. Call your Vet or utilize the mobile units like the one that sets up at different locations. One is called "Prevent a litter Connection" call: 478-9458. It may very well save an animal's life.

To sum this up….
If I were as afraid as Baby Highway I am sure I would have done the same thing. Fear can kill a person and an animal. Imagine the sense of the non understanding of such an event that had unfolded at such a early age. What if it were your child.

Animals don't know the difference, they just do what is natural.

I guess what my heart wants to say is… if you have a pet make sure it stays a pet, save it's life and don't over populate as it leads to loneliness for some and death for others, leaving behind more that may never be rescued.

Life is life and we all share it. Take notice of a stray angel and find it a home, give it some love and help it make sense of its confusion. All they want is love and kindness and will give you back that same dedication and love you without condition.

So in essence put your foot where every furry paw goes, look at life from their level and then tell yourself what life should be like.

You might surprise yourself at the view you now see.

HUG  your pets today.

Stay cool everyone and keep your pets cool too!