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Smart Meters
Are They Too Smart?

by DiAnna Stanich

Smart Meters are just that! Smart Meters! Are Smart Meters too smart for you and I to know their intended and true function? Why would companies put chips in their appliances if not to communicate and respond in some fashion. To what? Control them?

Does the Smart Meter manufacturer not state to be at least 10 feet away when it pings (which for CU is about every 4 hours or more and VEC about every 24 hours or more) and puts out horizontal radiation that has a deadly accumulative effect? Is your child's bedroom on the other side of this Smart Meter? How does it affect children whose brains have not yet fully developed? How about those citizens with health issues (pacemakers), heart problems and poor immune systems? What will happen from the accumulative effect of radiation with humans that are now well? Remember what we NOW know. Cell phones that use this same technology (RF) "showed significantly elevated risks of parotid gland tumors (cancer)" (Sadetzki et al showed 49% and Lonn et al, found parotid gland tumor increases of 160%).

What is going to happen to the elderly on fixed incomes that will not be able to pay for their rising utility bills? Will the utility companies just disconnect their service by remote control of the Smart Meter? Will TVA mandate the utility companies make sure their users keep their thermostats at 80 degrees in the summer and 60 degrees in the winter? And if we don't comply with their mandate will the utility companies use their Smart Meter to shut off all power to our home? What about the Californian's, now totally off the grid, who have been warned they have to be on the grid or have their land/property taken from them?! Why do the energy companies not want any of us off the grid? It is about total control and is George Orwell's book "1984" now a reality?

Now, DiAnna Stanich publicly asks TVA, VEC and Cleveland Utilities this: "What is the evidence that smart meters (RF radiation-based communication technologies) are safe, and have no adverse health effects?" And the answer to that question is that there is no such evidence and in fact while no one has actually done human health studies in relation to people living in homes with smart meters, we have evidence from a whole variety of other sources of Radio Frequency exposure that demonstrates convincingly and consistently that exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation at elevated levels for long periods of time (accumulative effect) increases the risk of cancer, increases the damage to the nervous system, causes Electro-sensitivity, has adverse reproductive effects and a variety of other effects on different organ systems. All of this according to Dr. David Carpenter

So in reality Smart Meters are just a small part of the global governance under the United Nations and Agenda 21/environmental haze that will do the following:

Provides surveillance on your home and appliances when you're home and when you're not. You can follow this link
to read more.

Increase bills. (Sometimes by 200%, 300%, or sky rocket according to President Obama)

Privacy invasion with all energy usage data going to the utility companies, and possible third party interests.

Hacking risk (even from just a cell phone), risk to electrical grid security and increased risk for burglary.

Reliability and accuracy problems.

Future imposition "Time-of-use" rates during peak hours, leading to more billing increases, so states Tom Wheeler, a government employee of the City of Cleveland.

Interface, including ground fault circuit interrupters, which protect against electric shock and fire.

Health impacts from microwave radio frequency emissions - reference the video on the Internet titled "The Dark Side of Smart Meters."

People are becoming ill after smart meter installation. Symptom include severe dizziness, heart rhythm disturbances, memory problems, insomnia, tinnitus, ringing in the ears, agitation, headaches, immune system modulation is present in electrotherapysensitive person, nausea, brain fog, anxiety, depression, asthma, palpitations and arrhythmias. All of this according to Orlean Koehle in the book By Stealth and Deception.

These smart meters do not save energy and may, in fact, use more. Consumers can buy meters now that give them energy usage data "privately."

Allow appliances with digital chips (all new appliances have these chips) to communicate with utility companies, government agencies, etc.

Is the world getting ready for Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" where OUR children will be taken from our homes by government in the Pre-K programs that gets closer to infancy by the year? There they will be brain washed (like our media already does to us) with such things as affective learning, values clarification and being a global citizen? Or now that the suicide pill has been perfected, when will all those over 60 years of age like in "Brave New World" be told they're a drain on the environment and worldly social services will mandate an end of the elderly (those 60 YOA).

I guess Edward Gibbon's is right when he states in his book titled "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." As long as people had their food and fun, they didn't care much about the destruction of their freedom, health or national security. Change agents are working furiously toward "The NEW WORLD ORDER" (Clinton, Bush and now OBAMA) which Smart Meters and electric grids are just a small portion of. Over a million people lost power when the grid went down a week ago. Isn't that total control by someone? I believe we have lost rational and civil society through constant use of internet, pornography, Blackberry's, iPods, videos, violent video games, TV, drug addictions and other mind numbing activities. So will citizens allow The United States to fall just like the Great Roman Empire? With all the documentation I have given, will you research for yourself and preserve our FREEDOM?

Remember I have sent both VEC and Cleveland Utilities a certified letter of no consent to trespass and a no consent for surveillance, in addition to a notice of liability by not allowing a Smart Meter to be placed on my homes.

Come join those who now have information on the "Landmark" case Skelton, Taintor and Abbott Law Firm who won the Landmark Smart Meter Case which is a legal precedent against forced Smart Meters in Maine.

DiAnna Stanich

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McDonald, TN
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