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by Toneeke Henderson

Oh my my, where has the year gone. It is hard to believe that it is already Autumn. Halloween is just around the corner and the stores are putting Easter candy on the shelves. OK so maybe their not but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. The first crisp morning a week or two ago hinted at the wonderful sight of fall to arrive. I enjoy it so much. I often sit on our deck and sip my tea watching the leaves begin to fall. It is a beautiful moment for each leaf to make such a journey from the limbs to the ground.

I may sound crazy, and maybe I am, but I know this, that all the beauty a person misses is a treasure gone by forever. I wonder what the tree might be

saying, what it might think and feel as each leaf makes way for a restful Winter and a awesome Spring.

These are simple thoughts and a great way to rest the mind. Maybe you will take an extra moment to notice life one morning at a time.

The four little kittens that I talked about a column or two ago are growing quite rapidly. We have even acquired another one, she is solid black and is about two months old. Her name is Moon Dragon. She has the yellowest eyes that glow like the moon and is very special. No, she doesn't ride the broom with me on Halloween but she is very unique, she has a birth defect.

Toneeke Henderson

One of her hips were not developed correctly and made her leg twist under and over and backwards. She is very blessed because she utilized the other back leg to move around. You would never know she had a birth defect the way she acts and plays.

The person that called me up and asked me to take her said someone was going to put the cat to sleep because it was crippled. I said bring her to me. She is merely unique not crippled because when you warm someone's heart with joy it heals them and does not cripple them. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we love her as we do all our wonderful animals and creatures that coexist with us.

Our other four kittens names have finally developed to their nature, there is Pokey, Freckles, Lil-bit, and Tag-a-long (these last two are the twins).

My husband called me one day at work to exclaim the antics of these "kitten children" we have and made me laugh so much I wanted to roll on the floor. He was sitting in his chair drinking coffee and out of nowhere came a whirlwind of fur. The four kittens had run into the house like fire in a burning building... he said  they looked like four Tasmanian devils swirling into the room attaching  themselves to the recliner and anything else as they swoosh by. They jumped three to four feet in the air.. exclaiming their circus abilities. Now that's competition for the Velcro Company. I came home that night only to find Lynn on a flying  trapeze... trying to avoid attack of the cat in the hat syndrome. We had bought the kittens some fake mice to play with and I must say I need to take

them to the bowling alley for they have a swat technique that will get the mouse down the lane and make a strike.

You have to understand there is no normalcy in our home. The animals set up their own teams and games. I

have even noticed how much they prefer a green mouse to the white and gray duo toned. They hide them in my shoes, in the chairs and once in a while in the bed. Can you imagine thinking there is something in the bed only to have a cat laugh at you. The only exception was when Miss Cat the eldest of all our cats was watching a real critter that had ran into my sneaker. Yes I stuck my foot in there to discover there really was a Real Mouse in that shoe. Luckily It was playing possum enough for me to escort it's tiny self out the door.

OK enough of the Cat report. Next official news at hand is the use of duct tape. My sister in Wyoming was out of duct tape. Her foot has a crooked toe due to an injury a while back. This will require surgery to fix so in the mean time she simply takes a make up sponge wedge and places it between the toes and then tapes away. It works and she feels fine while it is taped up. This at least allows her to work on her antiques and primitives.

I want to also share with those of you who try to have a healthy eating habit. There is a great place in town to visit in case you haven't made it there yet. It is called SMOOTHIE KING. It is an awesome source for nutrition and I have actually lost inches that I accredit to the icy fruit drinks. I stop and get a SMOOTHIE every morning before I go to work. This way I am getting my vitamins, my fruits, my energy and water if you count the ice they use to make it with. My favorite one is the Caribbean Way with no honey. So if you decide to visit me, keep that in mind and bring one to share. I go there so much they know what I want when I come in the door. I even have frequent buyer cards, no that doesn't allow me to fly but I feel pretty good. (grinning)

Maybe this will inspire them to make a T-shirt to give away with their drawings for a free SMOOTHIE. Perhaps it could read...  "I've been Smoothied" or maybe even, "It's a Smoothie Move" or "Smoothie Groove" or simply put "It's a Smoothie Thing." Well it's a thought. I like it.

I must hurry to get this to the editor, as my phone line was really messed up and delayed my sending this column in on time, (what's that) lol. Always making a grand entrance I suppose. I had to run 150 foot of new telephone wire. I didn't mind though, I enjoy doing that kind of stuff especially if it makes my chatter box work. You'd think as much as I talk I wouldn't want to talk on the phone, but I do. (smirking). So now that AOL is taking its ever loving time to connect, (I am too far out in the country to be important enough for a DSL line)  Gezza Peas. OK The paper will run on time for I am summing this up and sending it ASAP.

When the leaves around you begin to fall count them as a blessing for a cleansing time is near, and perhaps they are smiles that the Angels are casting your way. Remember when you need a laugh watch a cat or a man on a flying trapeze, Duct tape can fix anything, and be kind to your heart, try a SMOOTHIE thing from the SMOOTHIE King.

Hey Snoopy save me a pumpkin from the patch would ya, I'll take the last great one there, Cause being last is sometimes feels like being the best.