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MAY  2007

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by Toneeke Henderson

Don't you just love a nice sunny day? One that has just a little breeze to it, a soft wind that comes and goes.

One of those days that just make you want to relax and go to the river and listen to the water sing as it rushes by. A nice day to cook some hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. Maybe even some campfire baked potatoes sizzling in wrapped foil. Can't you just taste and smell them.

We enjoyed a day such as that, on Wednesday. I needed some inspiration for my story since I don't have my aura one finished yet, not to mention that I seem to be the last one sending my article to the editor.

Maybe he hasn't choked on that paper clip he has been grinding his teeth on to avoid reaching through the computer to strangle me for making his stress level go up.

Perhaps he would enjoy a sip of my Chai Green Tea, and my chill out music and relax his spirit and then he would be able to proceed totally stress free, like me. (he-he)

As a photographer I love texture. Rocks seem to have an incredible tone and texture to them from a scenic view when the waters are not flowing.

I spotted an area that was intriguing to me and asked my husband to stop so I could get a few shots.

Toneeke Henderson

We pulled over to the side and I saw a path that looked simple enough to go down. With camera in hand I walked down the path and began photographing the natural beauty before me.

I turned to watch as my husband came down a second path much steeper then mine. I didn't want him to fall. In front of me was a pool of cool water so I stepped into it and felt refreshed.

I thought to myself I need to stay put but did I… Noooooo! What my mind said to my foot was not very plain, because I know that my subconscious was telling my mind "you don't want to walk right there". But did my mind listen and did my foot bother to disagree, oh noooooo.

Never step where there is sediment or moss on a rock, how many times have you been told, geesh you think of all the information stored in the brain, a person like me would just know not to do it.

So as my foot voluntarily stepped up onto that rock, I spun around into a pirouette as if I were a ballerina on ice skates dancing the finale.

Then there was part of me practicing a horizontal Kung Fu move, you know the part

where they spin and levitate for minutes six inches above water and never get wet.

Well just so you know its only seconds that seem like minutes and you eventually get wet. However I did do pretty good as I was levitating, my focus became lost and my

right hip swooshed down into the water cleansing the slippery sediment from the rock with my right butt cheek. Good thing I had blue-jean shorts on.

By the time I should have been dizzy from all the spinning, there was a thud. At this point I was not sure where the noise came from. I suddenly realized it was from me.

There I was stuck on my knees and my elbows to the palms of my hands. After the shock wore off I realized I had not moved as of yet. It sure seemed like a long time but I am sure it wasn't.

I supposed my thoughts were not to destroy my camera in the fall, I am sure glad it was ok. I kept myself from landing smack onto my face, wow could you just imagine me as a Pekinese dog... Ouch.

After what seemed like an eternity (it was just a few seconds) my husband walked over, helped me up and made sure I was ok. I was pretty jarred up but am just fine, minus my graceful water stunt. (Dance lessons anyone).

The funny part is that I was pretty muddy on one side, so I disrobed right there and asked my husband to wash the mud out of my shorts, he complied. We climbed back up the bank to the van, I looked down to the water and there was a huge snake about four foot long right where I had been.

As we began to continue our drive towards the mountain I strapped my shorts to my thumb with the belt loop and held them out the window and in ten minutes travel time they were air dried. Thank goodness for nice warm sunny days.

Yes, I began to get very stiff later, but with adequate rest and care I survived the "I can't move" moments. We had a great time and a good laugh later after I noted to my brain how lucky I was that I didn't get really hurt, break a bone or my head for that matter.

We finished the day off with a nice scenic drive back and a restful evening. A nice way to close a day in your life to say you have lived for the moment, while in the moment.

Since I don't want the editor's stress to be related to me I will sum this up.

When the sun shines take note to enjoy what warms from it, like smiles, campfires, family, and good food.

Always make sure you have a foothold where ever you stand and never take a step you know you shouldn't.

Finally, never try levitating over water unless you're in your own swimming pool or you may end up dancing naked under the sun and drying your shorts in the wind, driving down the road throwing caution to the wind. Because if you don't have a good grip on things those shorts could easily be blown out of your hands and down the road, get my drift… or draft either way you want to look at it.

Enjoy all the May flowers and don't forget to give someone a flower for no reason at all other then, just because.

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