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MARCH  2005

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New Eagle's Nest

Bizarre, Fascinating, and Wacky World War I & ll Secrets.

by Cecil Owen

Suddenly, the long blue prow of a lone submarine shoots above the water. It has been almost four months since World War ll in Europe has ceased. This is German U-Boat 977 badly in need of some fresh air. For it has been traveling under water for sixty days. The U-Boat would come up only at night to charge the electric batteries. The Nazi Swastika is clearly visible on both sides of the conning tower. The skipper, Lieutenant Heinz Schaeffer is afraid his sub might be mistaken for a Japanese sub and be sunk. For Lt. Schaeffer is on the most top secret mission of his entire career. When Germany surrendered unconditionally, some warships and submarines were still at sea. A few of these would seek refuge in a neutral country. The time is 0400 O'clock (4:00 am) in the early morning of August 17, 1945. (Germany had surrendered May 7, 1945.) The place is the South Atlantic Ocean, just off the shore of the city of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, the second largest country in South America.  U-977 is watching for a signal to come ashore, three green lights. As the signal is given, the sub moves up the Rio de la Plata (the mouth of a large river) to dock in Buenos Aires. As U-977 approaches the pier, Lt. Heinz Schaeffer ponders over the identity of his three passengers. This mission has been so top secret that no one knows who they are. A middle aged man and woman with a small girl emerge topside. But they are bundled up in trench coats and wrapped in several scarves. A full squad of Argentine Army air Force Police and a full squad of

Cecil Owen

Secret State Police (Gestapo) await the trio's arrival. They are quickly loaded into an armored car and whisked away. With sirens whaling, their escorts of four motor cycles and six squad cars soon reach the Army Air Force Base. On the main runway a tri-motor Junkers Transport JU52/3 airplane is warming up. This plane has the logo of the Argentine Air Force, but it is one of Germany's finest.

After a short two hour journey that covers around four hundred miles, they land on a secluded airstrip. This is located on the edge of the jungle near Laguna Mar Chiquita, a large lagoon. This is in the middle of the Cordoba region of Argentina. Here is the location of a plantation fortress that covers a thousand square miles. It is enclosed by a ten foot high chain link fence with four strands of barbed wire at the top. Guard towers are located every four to five miles apart. Armed guards with guard dogs also patrol the entire area. A thousand flood lights shine brightly during the night. Large "Keep Out - No Trespassing" signs are posted in three languages; German, English and Spanish. Finally, two small air planes

Adolf Hitler, with Eva Braun and their daughter Uschi

circle overhead day and night. There is a large sign over the main front gate that reads, "NEV KEHLSTEIN." When translated into English reads "NEW EAGLE'S NEST!"

Not too far from Munich, Germany rises the Bavarian Alps, a very beautiful group of mountains. Far up on the slope is a village called Obersalzberg. This is where Hitler had his home as well as bunkers and air raid shelters. And perched above this near the summit, was his lair or retreat. You guessed it, the place was

called, "Kehlstein" (Eagle's Nest)!!

This is where Eva Braun lived with Hitler for many years. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Now you know the identity of the three passengers. Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun Hitler (his wife) and their young daughter Uschi Hitler. So Germany has surrendered unconditionally but Adolf Hitler had not.  He was now here to keep his promise for the Third Reitch would last at least a thousand years!! Now many top scientists, historians, and forensic experts have never believed that Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide on April 30, 1945. Supposedly Hitler shot himself in the head and Eva used a cyanide poison capsule. Then their bodies were supposedly doused with gasoline and set on fire. The bodies were burned so severely it was impossible to identify them. There was no blood left to be tested and no finger-prints to compare. By May 1st, Russian troops had captured most of Berlin. Joseph Stalin, the secretary general, top leader of Russia, wanted positive proof that Hitler was dead. He sent a search team led by Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Klimenko to find the truth. A water soaked body who resembled Hitler was found in an old oak water tank. Although this man had not been touched by fire, he was positively identified as Adolf Hitler. He was put on display in the Reich Chancellery  main hall. Soon another body was found in a wooden box just outside the bunker door. He looked enough like Hitler to be his twin brother. So he was positively identified as Adolf

Hitler. (This body had not been touched by fire either.) Two days later, two bodies were dug up out of a small bomb crater, a man and a woman. They were sent to the 496th field hospital in Berlin-Buch. On May 8, V-E Day, both bodies were given a preliminary forensic autopsy. Now we know once and for all this is positively Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun Hitler! Their dental records have been compared and that proves who they really are, case closed.

However, this did not prove anything! The woman identified as Eva Braun Hitler had not died of cyanide poison but from a shrapnel wound in her chest. And we see Adolf Hitler had several doubles. At least one double had his dental records and teeth altered to look exactly like Hitler. All of the men and women that surrounded Hitler were completely fanatical in their loyalty and devotion to him. They all swore an oath, not to the German military or to the German fatherland, but to Hitler himself. Most of them were captured by

the Russians, a few by England, and a few by the United States. They were interrogated, tortured, and sent to prison. That is why so many different stories exist concerning the life or death of Hitler and his wife.

As early as September of 1943, "Operation Land of Fire" was put into motion. It was spearheaded by Hitler's private secretary, Martin Bormann, who handled Hitler's finances. He began to smuggle money, gold and art treasures into Argentina by submarine. This is where the finances came from to construct "Nev Kehlstein" the new Eagle's Nest. By the end of World War

The remains of Adolf Hitler, supposedly after extensive charring.

ll, the government of Argentina had issued 2,003 passports for high Nazi war criminals! Soon reports came pouring in that Hitler was indeed alive and well. He was seen as a headwaiter in a cafe in Grenoble, France. Next he was a fisherman in the Aran Islands, off the coast of Ireland. Then a croupier in a casino in Evian. Would you believe, as a monk in the monastery in St. Gallen, Switzerland? Next holed up in a moated castle Westphalia, Germany. And all the while Joseph Stalin was insisting that Hitler and Eva were living either in Spain or Argentina.

Adolf Hitler was a very complex individual with a photographic memory. Many people believe he was insane, while others believe he was a  genius. He certainly was a gifted speaker, able to hold mass audiences spellbound. Hitler believed that he was the twentieth century representative of the medieval Teutonic Knights driving back the slave from German territory. He promised to completely crush the Jewish and communist backed world conspiracy. Eva Braun met Hitler in 1933, and became his mistress for life finally marrying him on April 29, 1945.

Time Magazine selected Hitler as "The Man of The Year" in 1938. Samuel Church, U.S. Industrialist, offered a one million dollar reward for his capture in 1940.

In the year of 1986, the daily newspaper in Buenos Aires, Argentina, printed a story. A reporter had just interviewed Adolph Hitler, he is alive and in perfect health, and only 96 years old!!!

Dear readers, please draw your own conclusions.