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One day I was on vacation and I wrote this passage on a show I was watching. I remembered that I needed to write a passage for my granddad's paper so I wrote this. If you like this passage write him a letter. I asked him to give me your letters.

48-hour investigation notes. Place - Fortola (Paradise). William, Mike Spicer, Justin, Alex, Evan are suspects for Louis McMIllan's death. William Labrador, Mike Spicer were somewhere at Zebra house. Found a cut on his nose and wet sneakers with a stain on a shirt that appeared to be blood. Found body, stripped of shirt and bra, left with boobs exposed. Four men in jail for her murder.

Louis McMillan was eccentric and often wore costumes, also painted a picture of magicians hands floating in midair with things attached to their gloves. One year later, the four men are tried for murder of Louis McMillan. Also a year ago were put in jail for her brutal murder. A quarrel in her jeep could have brought some reason for her murder. A struggle occurred when

Katie McFadden, is an eleven year old budding writer who lives in La Fayette, Georgia.

she tried to get to the nearest police station. The shirt found at Zebra house was indeed stained by blood, but not the blood of the wearer. And also they found evidence that they indeed were at the same place as she was.

The way they killed her was putting their foot on her neck while they held her face in the water so she would drown. And that is a direct quote from one of the men's confessions. Also they have a motive, remember when I said that she had a struggle in her vehicle in front of the sheriff's office. Well, she was going to tell the sheriff that they had done something to do with money.

Will they win the trial? That's the question everyone's asking themselves right now. Shawn Murphy was the defense lawyer and also a good friend of Labrador and suspiciously, he was at home alone that night. The trial is coming to an end and the other three men are free. The one left is Labrador. Apparently Labrador went home early from the bar on the night of McMillan's murder and also around the same time. Forensic scientists say she was brutally murdered and stripped of her shirt and bra which left with her boobs exposed.

Good news to all of us and Louis McMillan. Labrador was charged with the murder of Louis McMillan.

That concludes my very entertaining passage for this month. Join me again next month for another exiting passage by the one and only...Katie.