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JULY  2005

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The Disappearing Warship

Bizarre, Fascinating, and Wacky World War I & ll Secrets.

by Cecil Owen

My name is Wilber Davey Binnacle, Petty Officer First Class Ship's Cook, my nickname is Barnacle Ben. I have been in the United States Navy for many, many years. I have been to many strange places and seen many strange things, but what I am about to reveal to you certainly tops my list. Many of you will think that I belong in the "Booby Hatch" for completely losing my ballast. All I can tell you is what actually happened to me,  and you can believe it or not.

The time is  October of 1943 and the place is the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S. Navy Yard. My ship, the USS Eldridge Destroyer Escort 173, is berthed at the West dock. I am inside the galley (ship's kitchen) preparing chow for the next meal. Suddenly, a "hum" began to sound throughout the ship and rapidly increased in volume. Next the entire ship began to vibrate and shudder. I was becoming very concerned and wondered what would happen next. A very dense fog or mist completely covered my ship. It began to creep into my porthole (window), which I quickly closed. I became "All Shook-up" at what was taking place on the deck outside. The sailors out there looked as if they were moving in slow motion and some of them seemed motionless as if frozen in time. Then suddenly, it seemed as if my ship was moving although supposed it was still at anchor.

Cecil Owen

Now this green fog began to expand until it covered an area 100 yards on each side of my ship. And of course, anyone within this area was affected. Witnesses reported that my ship, the Eldridge DE 173 vanished from the Philadelphia Navy Yard and appeared in the Norfolk, Virginia Navy Yard. As if this was not spooky enough, seconds later it reappears back at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Now, a destroyer Escort is not a small boat that can be hoisted aboard a larger ship. They were 308 ft long and 36 ft 10 inches wide. With a full crew aboard, they carried 15 officers and 201 sailors. The weight was 1,525 tons, with a speed of around 20 knots (23 mph). The DE's were heavily armed and equipped to track down and sink enemy submarines. However, the USS Eldridge was bulging out all over with naval type "Degausser" magnetic generators.

Experiments were being carried out to perfect a system to "Degauss" (Demagnetize) Navy ships. The Germans had been laying magnetic mines which were attracted by the metal warship bottoms. We needed to devise some way to counteract this as we were losing too many ships.

A Degausser pulsed at a resonant frequency, would develop a tremendous magnetic force field.

Electrical coils placed around a ship could completely neutralize the magnetism of that ship. It could also cause a shift in molecular composition of matter! It is believed when this force reached the highest level, that somehow it was reversed. Did this cause the ship to vanish? However, there were too many serious side effects, so the whole program was canceled.

The DE warship came out fine but some very strange things began happening to

the crew. Some of the sailors on deck in the force field would actually freeze, become completely motionless, unable to move. When the force field was turned off, another sailor would have to touch his bare skin. This would cause the frozen sailor to thaw out, usually in an hour or two. But sometimes it would take all day and night. This deep freeze was not psychological but a hyper field set up within the body.

One sailor was at home with his wife, child and two other crew members. Suddenly,

he walked through his living room wall and vanished! He was never heard from nor ever seen again. Two other sailors were walking along the dock and just froze. Then they burst into flames and vanished. Two other sailors were in a large group of people and just vanished into thin air. They were never found or seen again.
In a tavern near the Navy Philadelphia dock, several of the crew members got into a brawl, when two of them disappeared in the middle of the floor. This was in plain view of other sailors, customers and two barmaids. This story was carried in the local newspapers.

Today, most of the officers and sailors of the Eldridge are either dead or insane. Naturally, the Office of Naval Research has always denied that such an experiment ever took place. Yet the same Navy Bureau declared that the entire crew of the Eldridge were all stark raving lunatics. Therefore, any testimony that they give should be discounted as very unreliable!

Many years later Russia released  top secret government studies on the effects of high-frequency electromagnetic force fields upon the human body. The Russians discovered that various changes in brain function and body chemistry were induced by exposure to those fields. Included among the noted effects were: severe neurological and cardiovascular disturbances, dizziness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and alternating states of anxiety and depression. And the Russians used electromagnetic force fields of low intensity. Whereas the force fields used on the Eldridge crew had a tremendously higher energy level.

Dr. Albert Einstein was a German physicist and scientist, but he was also a Jew. He was one of the most brilliant and intelligent men of the 20th century. He fled Germany before Hitler could seize him and force him to work for the Nazi government. He came to the United States and was employed by the U.S. Bureau of Ordinance as a scientific consultant. He was the person who devised the formula for the Atomic Bomb. He was also the person who devised the United Field Theory for the Electromagnetic Force Field! Dr. Einstein also warned President Franklin Roosevelt that Hitler had scientists developing an Atomic Bomb.

As with any controversial event, many people swear that it is all the figment of someone's over-active imagination. Beside the testimony from the Eldridge crew members, from scientists working on Navy projects at the same time, and from security guards working at classified sites who saw things they were not supposed to see.... all of this and more, points to the fact that in October of 1943 something very strange happened. Most of the government files on this subject has been either "misplaced" or "lost."

In closing, the name of the ship's cook has been changed to protect his identity and his life. He was warned and threatened never to reveal any of this story.

Many years later, the USS Eldridge Destroyer Escort 173 disappeared again. It was sold to the Greek Navy and became known as "The Leon."