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The Tennessee Mockingbird

The Downfall and Coming Resurrection
of the United States

By June Griffin

To the liberty-loving citizens who voted against the bogus democrat for president, this column is dedicated.

"When our land is illumed with liberty's smile, If a foe from within strike a blow at her glory; Down, down with the traitor that dares to defile. The flag of her stars and the page of her story! By the millions unchained who our birthright have gained, We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained! And the Star-Spangled banner in triumph shall wave. While the land of the free is the home of the brave." Fifth verse of the Star Spangled Banner by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

The last election proved that we have "foes from within" who have stricken a blow at Old Glory. None of sensibility and American integrity will deny that the one the democratic party chose for president-elect would have never been there had it not been for voting fraud (Acorn, et al), rock star image-makers and a licentious, international press whose readers include those of other countries who are gloating over our downfall, claiming that now we are like them. Wasn't that the attitude of the French head, Sarcozi or whatever his name is?

Among these press actors and columnists is one who writes for the Creators Syndicate, Mark Shields. In the Herald News of Dayton, Tennessee, November 12, he declares that the republican party is full of old people headed for the funeral home and that young voters were enamored since 2000 with the likes of gun-controller Albert Gore, et al.

Thus, I submit this open letter to Mr. Shields and suggest that it's truths will fit the corrupt international press who wish to ply their cheap wares all over the world, while we, the United States taxpayer, are forced to pay foreign aid to left-wing countries.

And what do we get for our "donation?" Bread and circuses. But all of us do not sell out so cheap.

Mr. Mark Shields, Columnist

Re: Your column which appeared in the Herald News of Dayton, Tennessee, November 12, 2008, concerning the funeral arrangements for the republican party.

Dear Mr. Shields:

This letter is in response to the referenced editorial in which you determined that the republican party was a dying breed. I don't know whether I have ever read any of your editorials before since I generally disregard the columns which come from any form of syndicate or its certified puppets.

You have done such a depiction in opposition to your wished-for rosy future for the democratic party which is now rid of its principled democrats. You have predicted a glowing future for the idealistic youth who have been indoctrinated in tax-funded schools with their keynesian economics and darwinian marxism.

On the other hand, good democrats defected and joined the republicans in light of the new-age dictator which is chosen to sit as their next president. What are you going to do with the number of young republicans who voted against the elect socialist-ruler? Are they on the way to the funeral home as well?

My family has been increasingly disgusted with the limp-wristed republicans who have compromised with the left-wing democrats since the 1960's. And in 1968 at the democratic convention when human excrement was thrown in the face of the police at the convention, and when Hillary Clinton's clients among the likes of the Black Panthers actually took over the democratic party, there was a huge defection of old-line democrats which you would also relegate for autopsy. I am sorry to say that they have been more or less double-crossed by compromising republicans who try to go along to get along.

But this election proved to be the last straw with both these compromisers and the democrat defectors. And they are now raised from the dead by the spirit of almighty God.

This group voted to divide the country by their disgust at what was put up by the magical charms of color TV and promotions of Chicago-style mafia reporters. I am proud to say that Tennessee is counted with the ones of integrity who will not tolerate any color of communism, from pink to red.

Republican principles do not change. We will always "pledge allegiance to the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands,.one nation, under God...." We will hold our flag sacred and holy, separate from other countries and ruling over other countries.

Private ownership and opposition to legal plunder are eternal truths which energized the American in 1776 to write their declaration and follow it up with a real shooting war, which we won, by the way.

The Henrys and Jeffersons and Madisons have heirs, Sons of the American Revolution, whose God is the ancient of days, "with a firm reliance on divine providence" and in the vernacular of Benjamin Franklin, we are calling on "our old Friend" to save us, syndicates notwithstanding. There is a resurrection of the dead.


June Griffin