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APRIL  2006

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by Toneeke Henderson

Two AM in the morning there is a howling taking place outside across the yard in a warm and cozy house. Not a people house but a large whelping pen house that is occupied by "Twilite" one of our Siberian Husky dogs undergoing the labor process of having her babies. All mothers  are attuned to the slightest sound that give a hint to new life.

We have birds that have nested just beyond the back deck and they seem to know when to sing to us as well. The deer are plentiful and free where we live, they roam at times from yard to yard and watch and listen to us as much as we do them. It is nice to see them in the fields as I drive to work and home again each day.

The pond is finally working properly again and the garden is becoming vibrant with colors of the spring. I hope to plant a Weeping Willow, as that is my favorite tree.

I was contemplating what to title a book I have written and discovered what I wanted when sitting in my car in front of the place called Quick Burger on south Lee Hwy. I was listening to some of my kewl music on a CD and watching the tree branches swirling to the beat of the song, and it was then that it came to me. (I'll share the title only when it is published). Mondays and Thursdays are my days to get my meals at Quick Burger as the price and quality of food is just right. I call them up at 10 AM and tell them my name to

Toneeke Henderson

place my order and they know me so well now they know what I want when I say it is me. That's kinda nice too.

My friend Kaye had knee surgery. I called to talk to her and she was to go home from hospital the following day. Next thing I know she had been placed on a ventilator. The scariest part is that she had made a living will, with no resuscitation etc on it, but she hadn't understood that for a short term incident that occurred like hers was not what the

living will was for. My friend Kaye would not be here now if it hadn't been for the sensibility of her family and a kind informing nurse. Please, when you are asked to make such a document, like all legal paper READ, READ, READ and ask questions to make sure you understand what it is asking before you sign, seal and deliver it.

Our daughter Rina, will not get to know what she is having for her second child until the little angel arrives, as it seemingly wanted to hide it from it's parents until the time of birth, so as in the good old days we will await the arrival in July. Her husband works for Verizon as a tech - he's the guy who gets yelled at, chewed up and spit out, and praised for being able to fix the problems with your cell phone. Their daughter just turned 1 year old in January. (Our granddaughter #3)

Our son Daniel has become a Realtor for Athens Reality located in Athens, TN, he has an award

winning smile, His wife is currently in school for Health Information Technology, which givers her a spectrum of areas to work in. Their little boy Liam also just turned 1 year old this month. (Our grandson #1)

I noticed that the tattoo shop Skin Graphics has moved in across the street from my shop at the corner of 3rd & Ocoee St. Welcome to our neighborhood Aaron. Parkway Tires next door to us seems to be growing even more, we are glad that a little bit of life continues to flow at our end of the street. "Keep em rollin in" as they say.

My friend Sandy in Montana, has overcome her cancer at this point, to which we are totally happy. My traveling art shows will continue beginning this year. That means a lot of new adventures, a lot of new stories to tell, and maybe a few haunted houses to visit.

If you haven't gotten a new 2006 broom yet you should hurry, the latest features include a self-standing mode, this allows for roomier parking. The new spring colors will be out shortly. Their functionality will still be held true to the uses of a standard broom, seating capacity will be enlarged for a roomier flight. If you would like to view one of these brooms then by all means e-mail me and I'll direct you to the dealers broom closet here in Cleveland. I own two and a small one for my granddaughter as well.

One of the best ways to tell if you have a good friend is to loan them something and see if it comes back in the same shape or less. We have always made it a point to never borrow anything and if the reason ever had risen then the item would have to be returned in as good or better shape than when we received it. We may have borrowed something perhaps maybe once in our life.

I wonder what ever happen to Polly Wolly who doodled all the day. Have you sat and watched the trees sing lately, they sway back and forth and usher whispers heard by only a few of us who care to listen. The mornings have become crisp camping mornings; helping us to reminisce on days we had spent traveling with the children to mountains in different states.

The lovely smell of mountain streams heard trickling just beyond the camps edge, the early morning birds gently awakening us to the dawning of the day, and the smell of a mystifying campfire from the night before as it makes way to create a new essence of a breakfast cooked in the open air. I love that smell and taste so much that I often cook breakfast in the morning crisp air … yes outside on our back deck. Food does taste sooo much better cooked outside and you don't have that leftover smell in the house.

It will soon be warm and breezy in the mornings so I can walk out onto my own personal deck that allows me the privacy to sit in my lounge wear and play my High Spirits flute, enjoy my celestial teas, and absorb nature in her new beginning again…. what a feeling of tranquility, just me and the elements sitting free.

Since I am running so far behind I better get this summed up.

Spring is a time when a sense of freshness arises in our blood, making us want to clean beyond cleaning, and that change is necessary. Howling in the night is not always a bad thing, as we know that life is taking place. Having a broom that stands on its own is like making a statement that you believe in.

Take a break in life to know life, or you'll have to have a life job. Keep memories in their proper perspective and they will keep your soul happy. Take a moment to have a moment for the moment can be lost in a second, savor those things you can see, touch, taste, and feel, breathe a crisp morning, chance a song with nature. Find tranquility, you'll love it just take it from me, and the elements sitting free.

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